Don’t Worry About Age—Focus on Foundation & Function

Evoq is driven by the belief that each of us is unique, influenced by our hormones, genes, environment, time of life.

We don’t promote “anti-aging” panaceas.

Imprinted in their vibrational vitality, our “Forces of Nature” address the root —not simply mask them.

Organic. Small Batch. Nutrient-dense. Bioavailable. Vegan.

Slay Cellular Fatigue Repair & Rejuvenate Your Skin

Your skin’s collagen, elastin, and moisture barrier take a beating from everyday stressors. We stay up to date and engaged in new skin studies while exploring the power of skin solutions that target and optimize your skin's Endocannabinoid System. Our beauty products are only made from the purest ingredients found in nature. They work with your biology to revive your cells and reveal a more youthful appearance.


Nourishing & Normalizing Hair Care

You know that anxious feeling you get every time you find hair in the shower drain? We help you quell that with our Root Revival Regime. This hair-thickening system targets your scalp to increase cell communication and extend the amount of time your hair remains in the growth phase while also helping to prevent further hair loss.


You Are What You Absorb.

Get Pure And Precision Dosed CBD And Get it All.

Our Precision CBD tinctures contain the purest pharmaceutical-grade phytonutrients from sungrown, organic hemp. And they’re delivered in the most efficient ways, so you feel less pain, get better beauty sleep, and slay stress. Your cells will be able to tell you how much you love them.