The Ultimate (VIOLET AURA) Light Worker!

What makes Evoq’s VIOLET Shampoo Different?  Au naturale Violet Pigment!

A great attribute about Evoq’s Violet De-brass Shampoo - is that we use NATURAL pigments.  These are not synthetic stains, so they will not over process on your hair, or move towards a GREY muddy color.  It also has a beautiful scent, and not only tones, but keeps your hair healthy - in the most gentle way.

Who should use a violet base shampoo?

Many women think it’s just for blondes or when your stylist just cannot get the “color just right.”  The truth is, our hair doesn't end up “blah and brassy” just from coloring. It mostly involved daily abuse from UV rays from the sun, chlorine, mineral impurities in the water, and a fragile cuticle - that all make a large impact with your hair color and create those brassy, yellow undertones that I know the ladies in my chair DO NOT want.

Toning Tips:

Natural Underlying Pigment

If you have blonde hair, it can often be the underlying pigment popping through. If you’re stretching your time in between visits you may also find that your hair starts to turn a yellow tone. Aside from incorporating violet base shampoo into your shampoo routine, be sure to use a good conditioner to put hydration and protein back into the hair.  All Evoq conditioners are matched for pH level value and equal parts protein and moisture. WIN WIN! 

Blocking Environmental Damage

Pollution, smoke, chlorine from swimming can all contribute to yellow tones in the hair. Wear hats to prevent sun damage and protect your hair from environmental pollution. Be mindful how your water most likely will create mineral deposits of high iron, etc. It is easy peezy to install a water-filtering shower head to ban chemicals out of your water.

Hair Color Damage Caused by Styling Products and Tools

SLS shampoos, hair sprays, waxes, aerosols, etc. can leave a yellowish deposit on the hair - as well as deplete it of its protective barrier.  This does not only happen on light hair, but it’s harder to detect in dark hair. Even applying too much heat breaks down the cuticle - forever damaged and - you guessed it, turning into a yellowish tone. Always use a heat protectant spray when styling - Evoq’s Repair and Protect is PERFECT and made for this reason.

Bottom Line:

There is no such thing as “Violet Miracle Workers.”

Be sure that your expectations are in the right place. An infused violet pigmented product is intended to counteract brassy tones in blonde hair (purple is opposite orange -which means they cancel each other out), they may not  keep your color from ever getting brassy again. You have to keep up with it, and make sure your colorist works with you on this venture.

Be Real-istic

Like all seemingly glorious innovations, your results will vary. Sometimes, purple products may not turn out as you hoped. This all depends on what kind of hair you have. Coarse, resistant hair won’t see as much of a difference as super-fine baby hair that’s more susceptible to hue changing. 

Enjoy this lovely, natural light-worker.

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