Repair + Protect Spray

Hair is one accessory that gets exposed at all times. From the daily sun & weather temperatures and frequent coloring to 450 degree styling tools. I created our Repair & Protect to balance the pH of our natural hair color and to protect it against all facets of the daily abuse we put our hair through. By balancing both the moisture and keratin (protein) in this spray - it’s versatile for all hair types and textures.


Why do we need protein for healthy hair care?

In short, a protein called keratin helps to make up the hair strand. Depending on your

hair care regimen, diet, and lifestyle, lack of protein can translate to your strands.  Healthy hair is ultimately a combination of great protein/moisture balance.  Too much moisture can result in weak, limp hair that is prone to breakage. Too much protein, also known as protein overload, will cause your hair to snap and break as well.


Here are a few tips to look for when determining the strength of your hair!

Porosity:  High porosity often has tears and gaps in the strands that make it more susceptible to damage. Tears allow the hair to absorb too much water, which can cause frizz, tangles, and even color loss on color-treated hair. In order to fill in the gaps, you need a protein treatment to strengthen your strands. This spray works by nourishing the hair with vital proteins that help seal those gaps and create a stronger canvas for styling.

Elasticity: Hard to curl your hair or it’s even losing its natural waves? Often, it’s a cause  of your hair losing its elasticity. When your hair loses elasticity, it’s typically a sign that it’s in need of protein. To determine the elasticity,  take a strand of your hair (that’s still attached to your head) and wet it. Once the strand is wet, stretch the hair. If the hair bounces back to its original length without breaking, then your strands are balanced. However, if the strand doesn’t bounce back, looks limp, or breaks, it’s definitely in need of a protein boost. By fixing its elasticity, your hair will be bouncier  and easier to style.

Gummy:  For the most part, when the hair feels gummy or sticky, it means that your hair’s internal support system is trashed. Most often, it’s due to overly chemically processing.   When using the Repair & Protect, you can help reconstruct your hair’s support system and give life back to your strands.

Coloring:  There are low and high quality color lines, so always inspect this first. Vouch for zero ammonia and it’s heavy hidden substitute called MEA. If you color your hair enough times, the bonds of the hair need to expand and often can break causing split ends as the dye’s need to get into the strand. If your hair’s too damaged to begin with, the color will fade very quickly, and not be true to tone, or shiny. In order to give your hair a better base for your haircolor, ask your stylist for a protein treatment before the color application and always use a spray such as Repair & Protect to keep the cuticle strong, closed and full of shine!  

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