Clarifying Hair & Scalp Treatment

While we do our best to maintain healthy hair, hard water, dead cells, toxins, and product buildup can overcome our efforts and wreak havoc on our hair. Regardless of how often you shampoo, you’re left with limp, weighed down hair. It may even feel dry and have a bit of breakage. Mineral buildup from hard water leads to hair that feels excessively dry and straw-like despite your best conditioning efforts. Hair color ends up faded, especially color treated hair, and you may notice odd brassy tones in your natural color. If your skin feels dry after bathing, or your soap doesn’t lather well, you may have hard water and be in need of a clarifying treatment.

As buildup collects on your scalp, its natural ecosystem, or biome, becomes unbalanced. A healthy scalp biome is essential for optimal hair growth, as it needs to be clarified and detoxified in order to breathe and regenerate optimally.

As a master colorist, hard water and product buildup is certainly an enemy for my clients’ desired results. Their hair color investment is cut short until the buildup is removed and the hair is healed. To address the problem, I created this clarifying shampoo treatment for lifting damaging and dulling mineral deposits that have attached to your hair and assault its health from product buildup, medications, and hard water deposits, without harshly stripping it.

I formulated this treatment to envelope the hair follicle and scalp in a rich, softening cream that protects the hair and gently lifts deposits versus using harsh acidic ingredients that leave the follicle more rough and damaged over time. Our clients and users have seen true transformation, and enjoy the bounce, volume, and hair shine that is restored.


Fuller. Stronger. Healthier.

A Fountain of Youth for Hair

Our full line of Evoq professional styling and therapeutic products are built to age-defy and replenish the essential building blocks for pro-growth and reparative results. Often, hair degradation is due to internal imbalances caused by hormones, stress, chemicals, or nutrient deficiencies.

Rather than temporarily putting a bandaid on damaged hair and hair thinning, Evoq has developed an effective method of maintaining beautiful, full and healthy hair for life by focusing on the fundamental causes a sub-optimal aging scalp and modern day hair damage. Your hair is restored to its peak performance as it’s protected against ongoing damage caused by styling tools, stress and the environment - all of which can  damage and age hair before its time.

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