Replenish + Color Protect Conditioner

When the hair’s cuticle stays open, it can start a tear in the hair shaft which leads to breakage, loss of hair color and a dulled matte or frizzy finish. Without using anything to close the cuticle and hold the scales down to the hair shaft, excessive breakage can occur.


Conditioners often get a bad rap due to them weighing down hair or making hair feel heavy, greasy, and dull. When this happens, it can mean that it is being applied incorrectly, not being washed out completely, attaching to hard water mineral deposits, or being applied to the wrong hair texture.  At no fault of your own, the product may be composed of heavy silicones or glycerins that tend to attach and build over time due to the nature of the raw materials. 


Conditioner is vital to healthy, shiny hair. I’ve added essential nutrients to the Therapeutic Conditioner to help glue the scales tightly to the hair shaft in order to close the cuticle and prevent breakage. This is why it is important to use conditioner separately. By closing the cuticles, the hair is protected from damage and excess moisture evaporation, and it is more manageable and easier to comb.


This incredible conditioner is a healthy hair solution to all hair types. To address anti-aging hair strategies, I created a formula that nourishes the scalp with balancing concentrates to soothe and sea mineral actives to deeply restore and revive cellular activity for thicker, nourished root to tip bounce and shine. The formula is deeply nourishing to reverse damage, calm and heal the scalp, and hair is left feeling weightless.

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