Replenish + Color Protect Shampoo

The Therapeutic Shampoo is a fundamental healthy hair solution to all hair types. When thinking about “anti-aging” hair strategies, I wanted to create a shampoo that nourishes the scalp with balancing botanical and apple cider vinegar concentrates and soothing  sea mineral actives to replenish for thicker, nourished root to tip bounce and shine.


The secret to this shampoo is a full spectrum arsenal of marine algaes that carry nutrients into the scalp. These nutrients are truly necessary due to the modern-day woman’s lack of fat and protein uptake. It starts the pre-conditioning process for shiny, bouncy hair.


Fuller. Stronger. Healthier. 

A Fountain of Youth for Hair

Our full line of Evoq professional styling and therapeutic products are built to age-defy and replenish the essential building blocks for pro-growth and reparative results. Often, hair degradation is due to internal imbalances caused by hormones, stress, chemicals, or nutrient deficiencies.
Rather than temporarily putting a bandaid on damaged hair and hair thinning, Evoq has developed an effective method of maintaining beautiful, full and healthy hair for life by focusing on the fundamental causes a sub-optimal aging scalp and modern day hair damage. 

Your hair is lightly nudged to its peak performance as it’s protected against ongoing damage caused by styling tools, coloring, internal stress and environmental friction - all of which can damage and age hair.

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