Infrared Damage – a Source of Free Radicals that is not Blocked by Sunscreens.

Until recently, UV rays from the sun were considered to be the most damaging radiation of the solar spectrum for our skin while infrared (IR) was thought to be benign due to its relatively low energy. However, recent studies have shown that IR, especially near IR, induces a significant production of free radicals in the dermis and diminishes the skin’s antioxidant capacity.

Sunscreens neither filter nor reflect IR radiation and do not prevent the formation of IR-induced free radicals. Evoq brings protection against IR-induced photo-aging by protecting the mitochondrial DNA and inhibits light-induced skin aging – even in deep skin layers.

Supporting Dehydrated Skin with Hyaluronic Acid:

Skin dehydration is one of the first true signs of aging, as it causes skin barrier functions and hyaluronic acid content to decrease, preventing water from being captured deep down in the skin and also enabling water to evaporate at the surface. Skin hydration is also well known to be negatively affected by many other parameters including detergents, UV and pollution, which all decrease the skin barrier and its hyaluronic acid content. 

It’s undeniable that with increased technology use and the rising levels of pollutants, environmental stress factors are impossible to avoid. The scientists behind Evoq have discovered the most innovative natural approach in addressing these invisible skin stressors to help our skin adapt and respond to previously unknown challenges.

By harmonizing the skin’s coexistence with our changing surroundings and modern lifestyles, Evoq rituals aid the skin in finding the appropriate metabolic response to those changes and stressors. 

This filler-free formula is designed to restore broken communication, rebuild architecture, and adapt infrastructure to deliver multilayered results and visible skin transformation. Modern outer and inner results are met with modern solutions and a new set of defense and repair abilities to support healthy skin.

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