Enliven Sea Mist Toner

As you go throughout your day, your skin is subject to free radicals and environmental damage. Added to this damage is the buildup of makeup, dirt, oils, and other residue that can lead to breakouts and enlarged pore size. It’s essential to protect your skin and remove the daily buildup to promote a healthy biome and reduce premature aging.

I’ve addressed the issues by combining ingredients in a toner that removes the daily grime and grind while protecting and restoring the balance of your skin’s natural biome and delivering antioxidants to rejuve, protect and heal your skin.

Why is toner necessary?

The main purpose of toners is to rebalance the pH level of your skin. Washing your face (or not - and not advised), water highly disrupts the natural pH balance. Our Sea Mist Toner normalizes the pH and helps protect the surface barrier, otherwise known as the HydroLipidic Barrier.

Get pH Fabulous Skin

Externally, pH plays a fundamental role in the skin's barrier, called the acid mantle, which is formed by secretions from sweat and sebaceous glands as well as the breakdown of fatty acids by beneficial microflora. This barrier functions like an invisible veil that keeps the good stuff (lipids, moisture) in and the bad stuff (pollution, bacteria) out.  This toner takes your skin out of “letting it go” mode into "receiving" mode – where you are now ready to nourish and protect your new, bright skin.

Beyond a harmonious pH, our toner’s objective is to:

  • Rid the skin of excess impurities and oil
  • Saturate the skin with problem solving ingredients
  • Keep skin hydrated
  • Prevent premature aging
  • Soothe irritated skin
  • Help your skin better absorb serums and moisturizers
  • Protect your skin from outside irritants

Lastly, our toner is critical not only to rebalance, but to prep and ensure maximum absorption of your active treatment serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen.

Happy Spritzing!

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