Day-Lite UV Protect (Tinted SPF 30+)

$ 48

This daily sunscreen and primer is fortified to help to rejuvenate skin, reflect harmful UV rays, and even skin tone.

A Closer Look

You’re always in your PRIME TIME.

"This sunscreen and primer is a multi-action, lightweight, and 100% chemical-free hydrating lotion. It’s a broad-spectrum UV equalizer that’s fortified with Vitamins C + E + D to soothe as it protects skin from environmental aggressors.


At first pump, the "universal tint" might seem light — but rest assured, it's this exact quality that gives the antioxidant-rich anti-pollution formula its ability to blend sheerly into most skin tones without leaving a ghostly cast behind.


It effortlessly blends and blurs reddy undertones for a more natural skin tone and enhanced outer glow. Zinc particulate of sunscreen absorbs, reflects and redirects harmful UV light into photo-rejuvenating wavelengths for simultaneous photoprotection and photorejuvenation.


As a makeup primer, it’s the most powerful BB cream, creating a smooth, radiant canvas for additional makeup. Don't be surprised if you forget that you're wearing anything at all."


Key Ingredients

25% Non-nano Zinc Oxide 35 SPF

Unlike many chemical sunscreens, zinc oxide protects against UVA and UVB light rays and is often used as a natural, non-toxic sunscreen to prevent burns, signs of photo-aging and irritation. Reduces the visibility of skin damage by eliminating free radicals that increase the risk of skin cancer. Safe for the whole family.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

Contributes to healthy skin cell growth, repair, and metabolism. It optimizes the skin’s immune system and helps destroy free radicals that can cause premature aging.

Sunflower Seed

Naturally a UV absorbent, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lightens dark, under-eye circles and scars. Source of VItamin E.

Jojoba Oil

The closest molecular oil to our skin’s natural oil. It contains wax esters that act as a protective barrier to keep moisture in.

Vitamin E

Rehydrates and helps skin retain its natural dermal barrier to deter water loss. Potent ability to neutralize damaging free radicals caused by UV and environmental/chemical stressors.

All Ingredients

"Zinc Oxide Non-Nano (25%), Purified Mineral Water, *Jojoba Oil, *Shea Butter, *Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Extract (GMO-Free), *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Vegetable Glycerin, *Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Iron Oxides.


*Curated with organic, wildcraft, and food-grade ingredients."


Parabens, Preservatives, Petroleum, Phenoxyethanol, Mineral oil, Xenoestrogens, Synthetic dyes, SLS, Phthalates, Gluten, QUATS, PEGs, Silicones, Chlorides & EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Non-Comedogenic, and Hypoallergenic.

100% Bioavailable

Evoq's evidence-based active ingredients optimize activity through a bio-affinity with the skin to re-awaken and support cellular communication and optimal function that slow down as a result of age, stress, and lifestyle. Explore the Forces of Nature.


Skin nourishments are packaged in advanced biophotonic glass bottles to protect light and air-sensitive ingredients, keeping your solutions fresh, potent and proactive for visible results.



-Provide antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors.

-Coverage of 97.1% UVB absorbance protection.

-Natural mineral pigments blend seamlessly and are ideal for most Caucasian skin types.

-Deliver powerful UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection that helps prevent sunburn and decreases the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging caused by the sun (wrinkles, sagging, dark spots).


Active Ingredients: Zinc Oxide USP 25% (Sunscreen). Inactive Ingredients: Pure Spring Water, *Jojoba Oil, *Shea Butter, *Vitamin E, *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) *Vegetable Glycerin, Nano Cannabidiol, MCT, *Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Iron Oxides. Certified Organic USDA. GMO Free . Warning: For external use only.

Lesson With Kassandra

The most critical step to protect your skin from skin cancer, aging and photosensitivity.

Photoaging is responsible for the majority (90%) of premature sun damage to the skin. A few minutes of sun exposure each day, over the course of many years, can cause significant damage while increasing chances of skin cancer. Learn how to prevent premature sun damage.


Want skin cancer prevention tips?