Check out the following facts on skin cancer!

80 % of facial aging is caused by the sun. 

90% of skin cancer is caused by sun exposure.

1 in 3 Americans will be diagnosed in their lifetime. 

1 bad burn in childhood doubles the risk factor for melanoma later. 

It’s Serious & Sneaky. Over your lifetime, you’re exposed to consistent low-level damage from simple day to day living, driving in your care, a quick evening walk. 

Prime time! No matter a woman's age, you’re always in your PRIME TIME. This is a light liquid completely weightless and non-clogging - creating a smooth and even surface so skin is prepped for what comes next. 

It’s a daily age-defying MUST  as the first step in your makeup routine or morning beauty ritual to assure you are maintaining overall skin health and blocking the number one reason of DNA damage and thus - aging!  

Our non-pore clogging and weightless UV Prime and protect sunblock defy’s photo-aging before it starts. Common aging signs are pigmentation (freckling and age spots), protruding blood vessels, a leathery and rough appearance to the skin, wrinkling, warty like growths called actinic keratosis, and potential life-threatening skin cancer.

Vitamin E bolsters skin natural UV defences while Vitamin D increases overal skin immunity.  Our sunblock is the most trusted market wide with UVB blocking protection and made of 100% organic ingredients.  

Apply this skin primer to create the perfect base before applying concealer, creme foundation or simple mineral powder.   

This ultralight, nongreasy, and allergy, GMO and xenoestrogen free sunblock offers broad spectrum protection from UV rays while priming your skin for makeup and moisturizing.

A simplified morning regime with your tinted primer while providing a shot of Vitamin D (healthy sunshine in a bottle = 400 IU per application), which builds skin’s immunity and brings a brightening glow to any skin type.

Dermatologist   passionately agree that  sun protection is the most important element to a healthy, youthful complexions.   Our skin savior SPF of 35 provides hosts UV absorbance - completely organic and safe for ages 6 months and up.  It’s a modern women’s answer to maintaining a youthful complexion and safe solution to negating DNA damage and increased risk to skin cancer.  

Day-lite UV is fortified with the United States Recommended Daily Allowance (USRDA) of Vitamin D3 (400IU/ounce of sunscreen), a critical vitamin that normally requires UV energy to be produced in our skin. Since sunscreens reduce UV exposure (which is a good thing and critical in limiting cellular and DNA damage and aging processes), they can also limit Vitamin D production. Vitamin D deficiency is quite common and plays a significant role in diseases, from rickets to cancer.

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