Top 3 Healthy Habits That Hold the Key to Your Success

1. Healthy Diet

Food is an important part of your life. It can be used as a reward for good behavior. It is part of many family celebrations and social events. It can also be a source of guilt and shame. However, at a basic level, food is fuel for your brain and body. A healthy diet will give you the energy to be mentally alert and physically active throughout your day.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, making sure to get a serving or two with each meal. Eat whole grains that take longer to digest to sustain you through the day. Drink plenty of liquids, especially plain water. Whenever possible, avoid simple sugars and junk food. These may give you a temporary lift, but it is often followed by drop-in energy.

2. Quality Sleep

According to Polito & Associates, β€œWith 21% of fatal accidents being the fault of drowsy drivers, it's obvious that getting enough sleep is important for protecting both the safety of those around you as well as yourself.” The right quantity of sleep can vary from person to person. On most days, there is a set time when you have to wake up. This means that the amount of sleep you have will be based on when you go to bed. It is helpful to develop a routine that prepares you for sleep. You might do some tidying as a signal that you are closing up shop.

A warm shower can also help calm you down. Some people do deep breathing exercises or meditation as a way of ending the day. If you like to read or watch television before bed, do it in another room. You want your bedroom to be all about restful sleep.

3. Regular Exercise

It is estimated that it takes about 70 days to cultivate or break a habit. Developing a habit of exercise is a helpful way to energize and take care of your body. You want to start out small as you begin. For example, if you have never run before, just go for ten minutes at the start. You will increase your distance over time. Daily exercise helps prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and certain cancers. It also gets your blood pumping and your body revved up to work.

You might want to develop some light exercise habits during your work time. Taking a brisk walk instead of a coffee break can get you pumped up and ready to go for another few hours.