How to Enjoy Drinking Without Going Overboard

Many people love a good glass of wine with dinner or a nice cold beer with a plate of nachos. Unfortunately, some take their indulgence too far when it comes to alcoholic consumption. However, you do not have to drink in excess every time you decide to enjoy a beverage. Here is how you can enjoy drinking without going overboard:

Drink in Moderation

Everyone has a personal limit when it comes to alcohol. The key to keeping your drinking in check is to know your own limit and to respect it, according to Addictions and Recovery. Once you catch that initial buzz, it is a good idea to stop drinking. When you cross the line past being buzzed, it will be more difficult for you to cut yourself off. If you go too far, your judgment will be impaired and you will justify why you should be able to drink more. For this reason, it is important to set rules about how much you can drink before that first beverage even passes your lips.

Know When to Say No

In addition to knowing your own personal limit, you need to feel comfortable saying no in the face of peer pressure to keep drinking, according to Workit Health. This rule can be especially difficult for women to follow when they are out socializing. It can often be awkward to tell a date that you do not want another drink when they are offering to buy you one. Practicing how to politely say no will empower you to be more assertive with your wishes to not drink. Real friends will also understand when you say that you have had enough. You may find it helpful to state your intentions prior to your first drink so that everyone knows that you are committed to sticking to a limit.

Don't Drive Drunk

This is a black-and-white issue when it comes to drinking. Even if you are within the legal drinking limits, it does not mean that you are safe to be out on the roads. According to William W. Hurst, drivers within the legal BAC level kill nearly 2,000 people a year. Because you never know completely how you will react behind the wheel after having a drink, it is important to make this a hard and fast rule with no room for negotiation.

By following these three principles, you can help to ensure that you are staying within safe and healthy drinking limits. As a bonus, you will also feel better the next morning.

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