Awaken the Living Sea Within YOU

The one downside to water

When creating our new skin solution remedies, enveloping the skin in a ultra-healing and transformative ‘ecosystem’ was first priority. If you investigate your beauty bag favorites, you will see that many of the ingredient decks list AQUA first.  A company also can devise the deck into a marketable and attractive layout by utilizing the “1%” rule.  This means that they can move around any ingredient they wish to reflect that the actives are higher and “more potent” on the ingredient deck.  Well, this is often smoke in mirrors.  


We’ve put critical thinking and investment into our formulas to assure they are safe, clinically tested, effective, and bioavailable. This means your skin will fully recognize and embrace your potent and compatible Evoq remedies that include all the essential macro and micro minerals, lipids, proteins, and vitamins to instantly to re-awaken radiance.

Instant Benefits +  Sea to Skin

Isotonic Seawater is biomimetic which mirrors your personal dna and allows the skin to instantly absorb our deep, nourishing, and active ingredients, containing the essential minerals and trace elements needed for healthy skin.

Deficiency in vitamins, protein, and trace minerals to support optimal health and beauty can occur with the unavoidable stressors of daily life. We regard this FUNDAMENTAL and is why we cover your health and beauty needs and awareness inside-out with assuring that our formulas mirror the very granular structure of ingredients that replenish and restore what has been lost.  

There are many ways to better penetrate active and beneficial ingredients to build the skin, hair, and scalp back up - and Isotonic Sea Water is just one avenue we have invested in. We do not stop there!  We’ve built the latest modern organic technology into our full line which include:

Liquid oxygen to instantly metabolize, detoxify, and penetrate  

Lipids mainly through organic seed oils and Vitamin C ESTER.  The “ester”  is key, as it is the only lipid “C” recognizable to truly transforms the skin’s radiance.  A few facts from clinical research in Japan: Reduces hyperpigmentation by 80% + Increases collagen synthesis by 50% + 50 times stronger than ascorbic acid (used in most products).   

Organic Marine Algae restores and builds with trace minerals and protein amino acids to retain the moisture and structure on the hair, skin and scalp.   

... just a few ways Evoq brings a next generation luxury skin experience.  We are obsessed with delivering you delight while still looking incredible in your bathroom vanity or beauty bag …something your “favorite” mother in-law would give you gold stars on and approve of!