Jul 10 2015

Time for an OIL CHANGE!


Brighten and Glow with Evoq’s O2 & Vit C Serum

Evoq’s most premier serum is best used under your daily and nightly skin routines as a highly transformative concentrate that is efficient for its size. WIth just a few drops,

restore firmness and reveal glowing skin with Vitamin C Esters that repair cells, brighten dullness, and eliminate dark spots. Pure Liquid Oxygen increases cellular metabolism for healthier, younger-looking skin. Seaweed Extracts exfoliate and smooth expression lines, while plumping skin with collagen. Evoq purposefully creates each product with potent, luxurious ingredients to provide youth-renewal for you!

WHY we LOVE it…High Performance Ingredients

Botanical Stem Cells of Narcissus and Madonna Lily-  Reduce skin discoloration by inhibiting the transfer of melanosomes, which can create dark spots.

Vitamin C Esters-  Gently brighten skin to reduce dark spots and scars, and regulates oil production.

Liquid Oxygen (Perfluorodecalin)-  Decreases the look of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing skin’s volume.

Evoq has gone to the depths of the sea for our beloved beauty community to bring instant results through integrating pure, sustainable sea plants.  Due to the mineral content and weight being identical to the human skin and blood - algae is amongst the most compatible ingredients, allowing all layers of the dermis to readily absorb high concentrations of magnesium, potassium, calcium and essential protein chains to plump and boost collagen and firm and prevent wrinkles.

Be proactive and preventative - It’s worth every drop - your skin will be left fresh, dewy, and youth-restored.