4 Surprising Benefits of Physical Exercise You (Probably) Didn't Know

We all know how important it is to exercise routinely; however, that doesn’t mean that we always keep up with our workouts. Yet beyond just helping you tone muscles and lose weight, physical exercise has several surprising benefits that you might not have guessed. So, before you put on your workout clothes and head to the gym, read about all the benefits you’ll get out of your workout today.

Exercise Helps with Chronic Conditions

The first surprise benefit of exercise is that it can help you improve your chronic health conditions. Exercise can help people with diabetes, heart failure, and high blood pressure. This is partly due to the fact that exercise helps to rid you of belly fat, which in turn decreases your chance of developing chronic conditions. Exercise also helps people recover faster as well.

Exercise Helps Mitigate Anxiety and Depression

Exercise can help you with your anxiety and depression. While not a cure, physical exercise helps relegate cortisol levels, which can exacerbate these conditions otherwise. Exercise also increases the production of norepinephrine, endorphins, and dopamine, which are the happy chemicals in our brains that we need in order to improve mood.

Exercise Helps Your Skin

Another surprising benefit of exercise is that it can help improve the look and feel of your skin. The reason for this is that aerobic exercise gets your blood circulating faster, which means more nutrients and oxygen make it to your skin. This then helps your skin heal faster, eliminates free radicals, and increases the number of blood vessels and tiny capillaries it contains. So, in the end, all that pumping blood and oxygen will actually help you age slower.

Exercise Helps You Sleep and Relax

Although this might sound a little counterintuitive physical exercise can help you sleep better at night and help you reach a deep level of relaxation. Of course, after your workout high wears off, you will feel a little tired, but physical exercise doesn’t just tire you out. Basically, exercise raises your core body temperature, and when your temperature drops again after a few hours, this drop signals to your body that it is time to rest and sleep. Studies have even shown that exercise can give you a 65% improvement in sleep quality.

Physical exercise is great for your mind and body. Not only can it help improve chronic conditions and give your mood a boost, it can also help your skin and help you get a good’s night rest. So, there really isn’t a good reason for you to skip your workout today!   

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