Is your ECS out of balance?

Your ECS might be out of balance if... 

  • Struggle with insomnia to the point of taking medication
  • Anxiety
  • Anger management issues
  • Depression
  • Conditions associated with heightened inflammation throughout your body like arthritis
  • Bone loss
  • Have chronic pain
  • Dementia-like symptoms
  • Family history of cancer


Why CBD? 


Phytocannabinoid (CBD) is a hemp plant extract that offers all the healing benefits of the plant without the psychoactive high. CBD directly enhances our endocannabinoid ecosystem (ECS). The human body contains millions of cannabinoid receptor sites in our endocrine system. CB1 receptors are primarily located in the brain, along with the lungs, liver, and kidneys. CB2 receptors are found mostly within the immune system.

Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a living neural network regulating the intrinsic tissue in our body and  is made up of millions of receptor sites which signal molecules and hormones throughout our body to either activate healing or signal discomfort.

Because the ECS regulates homeostasis, an imbalance in the body’s ECS could be the underlying cause behind many diseases and disorders from inflammatory and autoimmune diseases to depression, fatigue, and chronic pain. When activated, CBD receptor sites produce a heightened sense of well-being, elevated health, and enhanced energy.  

With proper genetic cell to cell communication, the conversation in our body is pleasant and resonate one that brings satisfaction and fulfillment – allowing our whole self to enjoy life. Due to our stressful lives, many suffer from inefficient mitochondrial function, leaky guts and oxidative stress (accelerated aging).   

Our CBD comes from long trusted Czech farms and our hemp is certified Organic and comes with much more stringent compliance requirements. 

The EU has significantly higher standards than the US regarding all things agricultural. In fact, most US produce is banned in Europe because of this.

Our tinctures are best to use on the spot for a certain relief, or as an everyday proactive wellness ritual.   It's a small way of resurrecting and preserving the knowledge of our great grandmothers and a modern health aware and a much needed generation. 

Grounded down and rise up while you explore the natural world of plants and healthier life.

It’s the wild west out there. Know your supplier, grower and verified tester. Evoq is dedicated to superior quality with high efficacy medicinal attributes. 

Our users have experienced support with the following: clearer brain function, metabolic efficiency, digestive health, hormonal balance, decreasing hormonal night sweats, relief from pain, arthritis, relieves symptoms of depression and bouts of anxiety, decrease in medications, and more.

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