8 surprising research findings about CBD + CBG.

All adaptogens have unique properties: Some are stimulating, some calming, some warming, some cooling, some moistening, and some drying.  This is the same for CBD, terpenes and the myriad of ranged profiles in these devine plants. 

As I started to dig into the research of all other hemp cannabinoid profiles, I was extremely excited to integrate the other lesser known (but just as powerful) cannabinoids. 

In this concentrate, I’ve added CBG, which is the precursor to CBD.   

Why? Here’s a few reasons….

Cannabigerol (CBG) is not psychoactive and is known to block the metabolic action, psychoactive effects of THC. 



CBG has shown potential for alleviating neuropathic and other pain in animal studies.  CBG might even have a higher efficacy than CBD.  CBG can modulate the uptake of GABA in the brain, to decrease anxiety and reduce muscle tension.  GABA's principal role is to reduce neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system. GABA is also directly responsible for the regulation of muscle tone.  


Lab tests on rodents showed that CBG is an antidepressant similar to imipramine.  Imipramine, or Tofranil is a tricyclic pharmaceutical antidepressant. It is mainly used in the treatment of major depression and enuresis.   Being a cannabinoid, CBG's safety profile is probably extremely high, making it a candidate to replace pharmaceuticals with a multitude of toxic side effects.

Inflammation & digestive conditions

It has been shown to improve inflammatory bowel disease,ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease in animals. Obviously, this promising finding invites clinical study in humans.

Skin conditions

CBG boosts the body’s natural skin moisturizers, holding promise for dry-skin syndromes and promotes full hydration, which makes the face look much younger.


Cannabigerol has been shown to relieve intraocular pressure, which is the cause of glaucoma.


CBG has neuroprotective properties, with hypothetical efficacy in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s disease and multiple sclerosis (MS).


CBG is known to have antiseptic properties and research suggests that it might be effective against the superbug MRSA.


CBG is showing promising properties in vitro for the potential treatment of a broad range of cancers, including breast, liver, lung, pancreatic, skin, ovarian, renal, bladder, and colon cancer. 

Evoq’s passion is to continue to bring others to a higher state of wellbeing with the cleanest, safest and purest CBD products possible. Every strain is trached from the seed it was grown to the bottle you blissfully benefit from. We’re committed to educating and leveling up the Hemp industry considering it’s an unregulated industry and that 70% of cannabidiol extracts sold online are mislabeled – Evoq’s stands above the rest. 

Our CBD comes from long trusted Czech farms and our hemp is certified Organic and comes with much more stringent compliance requirements. 

The EU has significantly higher standards than the US regarding all things agricultural. In fact, most US produce is banned in Europe because of this.

Our tinctures are best to use on the spot for a certain relief, or as an everyday proactive wellness ritual. It's a small way of resurrecting and preserving the knowledge of our great grandmothers and a modern health aware and a much needed generation. 

Grounded down and rise up while you explore the natural world of plants and healthier life.

Our commitment to you - and the flower 

We’re in the midst of a cannabis renaissance - one which sees Americans alone spending more than $7 Billion on cannabis - to say there is a ‘green rush’ happening is an understatement. With a new industry bubbling up around us, there has been an explosion of new businesses and more concerted attempts to communicate & reach those interested. I’m devoted to my responsibility of sustainability and transparency as we continue to develop new Cannabidiol rich curing concentrates.

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