Is your DNA damaged?

While our body is equipped with DNA repair enzymes, they also start to deplete as we age. Once we reach age 30, they’re lost at a faster rate. DNA repair enzymes are critical to anti-aging as they work to reduce wrinkles and age spots, since those are physical manifestations of DNA damage. 

Biological aging occurs within the cells at a molecular level. Our cells are programmed by DNA to know how long to live thanks to a segment of DNA called a telomere. If telomeres are long, it can divide and remain youthful for a while. However, the more it divides and the shorter it gets, cells become deficient and defective, and even destroyed. This is when you see the signs of biological aging inside and outside of your body.


Telomere length could be determined by one or a combination of things including our genetics, as a function of age, or because of lifestyle and environment. Healthy aging depends on the right amount of the enzyme, telomerase, doing its job in helping chromosomes replenish the DNA sequence that is lost to aging. Our long telomeres keep our hair and skin healthy and supple. As we age, and the telomeres shorten, so does our skin.


Another system affected by aging is the delicate capillary system that delivers blood and nutrients to your skin. It requires oxygen in order to sustain its youthful tone, and over time, it gradually loses its ability to take in oxygen. This leads to built up connective tissue that causes wrinkling, cell death, and hyperpigmentation.

The Effects of UV Exposure, Aging and your DNA.

DNA controls the genetic program of the skin and the greatest threat to it comes from the sun. DNA absorbs both UVA and UVB radiation, undergoing a photochemical reaction that produces “ dimers “ that degrade cellular integrity.

Each sun exposure triggers a response sequence in the cells and after years of repeated damage and response cycles, the skin eventually loses the ability to repair itself.

The consequences of unrepaired DNA damage are enormous. In the early stages, DNA damage appears as texture and tone loss, wrinkle formation, and hyperpigmentation; in the end stages, actinic keratoses and skin cancers result.

I’ve addressed the leading co-factors and catalysts of skin integrity loss through enveloping the very essential building blocks of the dermis and all of its layers for healthy, strong, and optimal skin.   

Aside of ground-breaking natural peptides that firm and fill the skin for a plump look, I address the very genesis of cellular messaging and environmental interactions on our skin with the latest technology of DNA repair enzymes derived from food grade Plankton marine algae . Unlike other potent anti-agers (synthetics and Retin-A, we’re looking at you), it doesn’t cause irritation.


By including liquid oxygen in the formulation, your starved and stressed skin cells receive a burst of life-giving oxygen and carbon dioxide to stimulate and restore capillary cells. This also opens the channels of  deeper delivery of Evoq’s bioactive ingredients. With this fresh dose of oxygen, your skin’s glowing appearance is renewed, and young cells emerge for a youthful and healthy complexion.

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