Cleansing Milk & Makeup Remover

I often conversate with my clients about the negative effects of over exfoliating, which only creates micro tears and longer term damage to the skin. I believe every woman benefits by including a cleansing creme in their regime.   

I created this replenishing cleanser as a multi-use makeup remover and luxurious cleanser. The incredible nourishing botanicals, minerals and algae concentrates re-mineralize the skin to protect, help reverse daily UV damage and replenish the critical moisture barrier for that supple soft skin we all desire. It’s incredible moment of “OM’ peace and skin restoration is a reason of adding it as a ritual all in itself. 

So it goes, “milk does the body good.”  This dairy FREE cleanser captures the velvety feeling of cream on your skin as it washes away the day’s makeup and cellular debris. Full of botanicals, butters, and minerals from sea algae, this facial cleanser is shown to reverse daily UV damage, protect against free radicals & imperfections, and replenish the critical ceramide barrier for soft, supple, and hydrated skin. Literally, you’ll milk this dairy free cleanser for all it’s worth!  

Organic oils of lavender and blue chamomile help to quell skin irritation while melting away stress with a relaxing aromatic experience. The therapeutic aromatics settle your mind, leaving you feeling nourished and calm. 

This is step one of a double cleansing routine.

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