Evoq’s Stabilized Liquid Oxygen

Oxygen, a potent life force, breathes regenerating properties into skin, bringing renewed vitality and youth to your complexion. Scientific research shows that oxygen serums keep skin cells alive longer, giving the body time to regenerate a percentage of new cells before the old ones die. Simply put, that means that oxygen appears to slow down skin’s visible aging processes.

After age 40, our skin’s ability to make use of oxygen is reduced dramatically by 40 to 50%. This leads to a sluggish metabolism and slow cellular repair and turnover. Our medical-grade, stabilized liquid oxygen (also known as Perfluorodecalin) changes that by washing away carbon dioxide molecules and oxygenating each skin cell. Immediately, skin’s metabolic rate is increased, decreasing its healing time by half, and revealing a firmer, more youthful-looking complexion.

Oxygen: An Essential Key to Wellness

Oxygen performs numerous functions in our body that keep it healthy and functioning. Some of those functions include keeping cells alive, delivering nutrients, sustaining a health and immunity, regeneration, detoxifying, and boosting the body’s different systems.

Perfluorodecalin (Liquid Oxygen)

It provides an instant, age-defying boost for all skin types by gently exfoliating, stimulating collagen synthesis, and regenerating cells to smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, providing results you can see and feel. Our liquid oxygen also penetrates six times more deeply than other forms, healing on contact and creating a hospitable environment for skin to absorb other actives more easily. It quickly and effectively drives anti-aging properties into the dermis, making them bio-available for your skin.

Oligosaccharides (VivaBond Age-Renewal Complex)

Oxygenating and potent regenerative Oligosaccharides rev up fibroblasts to your keratinocytes ( lower epidermis keratin + skin’s cell life) by interrupting communication immune cells (Langerhans Cells). Shown to deliver short and long term protection by directly reducing irritation and inflammation.


Essential Oils

The highest known source of antioxidants, essential oils hunt down free radicals while delivering increased oxygen to tissues and cells without negative side effects. Essential oils quickly go to where they are most needed, and their positive effects can last months.