Just like skin, your hair ages. Our follicles produce less hair as we get older, meaning that taking care of strands and scalp is just as important as supporting aging skin. For age-proof, sexy tresses, Evoq’s hair care line addresses all effects of aging with formulas that are first preventative and then reparative.

Evoq offers a multi-faceted approach to maturing hair needs, providing solutions for rapid radiance, scalp nourishment, hydration, and long-term growth. Vivacious, healthy hair is accessible for every woman of every age with our natural, organic, deeply penetrating products. Professional-grade, clinically proven ingredients that multi-task give you the power to awaken your beautiful hair.



When we're younger, oil travels down the hair follicle and naturally coats the hair. But as we mature, our scalps produce less natural oils, leaving strands dry. Our products return those natural oils to your hair, lubricating it with essential oils and essences to renew and reinvigorate.

    healing hair oil
    moisturizing wash
    moisturizing rinse
    root revival activator
    restorative mask
    light mist hairspray
    smoothing serum
    leave in hydrating cream





Through time and biology, the active hair growth cycle gets shorter and natural density is lost. Add volume and fullness with our potent, advanced formulas of keratin, micro algae, and peptides. Strengthen the building blocks of your scalp to expand the diameter of the hair shaft to instantly create and extend long-lasting bounce and body.


volumizing wash
volumizing rinse
volumizing and thickening spray
root revival kit




    • Women conceive pesky gray hairs at a younger age due to the everyday stressors that take a toll. After the age of 40, the hair starts to lose its pigment (melanin). With energetic essential oils, amino acids, and plant essences, lack luster color can be brought back to vivid life! Our products sustain dimensional richness while protecting against aging and daily stressors.

      therapeutic wash
      therapeutic rinse
      violet wash
      treat and protect spray


    At Evoq, we believe that prevention is better than chasing remedies or finding a silver-bullet beauty “cure.” But when you’re in the middle of everyday stressors like balancing family and work life, supporting your personal health can take a back seat.

    That’s where we come in with small-batched, carefully curated luxury products for our consumer's delight. Evoq is a health company that’s at the forefront of a new wave of beauty—a personalized approach to skin, hair, and body that awakens your beauty. We address issues at their roots to deliver external results and internal well-being.