3 Ways to Feel More Awake in The Morning

The sound of the alarm in the morning is never a welcome guest. However, with the right habits, you can ensure that you start your morning feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the challenges of the day. Here are three easy habits that you can implement to feel refreshed in the morning.

Get Up and Get Moving

Morning workouts come with a host of built-in benefits. Make Your Body Work explains that getting your body moving soon after waking up provides an instant boost to your energy levels that not even copious amounts of coffee can deliver. A morning exercise routine also boosts your metabolism for the day while giving you optimal mental acuity. Not everyone has the energy or time to squeeze in a full workout in the morning. However, even simple stretching exercises will loosen up your tight muscles and get you focused on the day ahead.

Drink Water First Thing

Although it is tempting to reach for the coffee when you wake up, it is important to start the day with a big glass of water. Taking the time to properly hydrate as you start your day helps to flush out toxins, rev up your metabolism, and cleanse your colon. If you want an extra boost, add a drop of essential oil into your water. This addition can enhance the already numerous benefits of hydrating first thing in the morning. doTERRA explains that it is important to keep in mind that the full benefits of essential oils come from the quality and complete composition of them. Be sure to choose your oils carefully so that you can fully leverage their powers.

Wash Your Face

While most people are well-informed about the importance of a good nightly skincare routine, many ignore giving special attention to their skin in the morning. Because you are likely to be busier in the morning, it is crucial to keep this routine simple and fast. A thorough cleansing routine can wake you up and get your day started on the best foot. The right moisturizer also works to develop hydration that was lost overnight. After you have taken the care to properly prep your skin, your makeup will go on more smoothly, boosting your confidence as you face the day.

By taking the time to initiate a little self-care in the morning, you can provide your body with the energy and substances that it needs.