Boost Your Collagen to Smoother Skin 2x's Faster With This Critical Ingredient

The duo darlings of Collagen and Elastin do not stick around forever, leaving a slow decline with age.  Stress, UV damage, chemicals, and leaky gut are all inflammatory factors that speed up the great decline. The rightful age of 40 and fabulous, hormones, body changes and your skin will be front and center in our graceful aging transition. 

Your skin is made up of 75% collagen, and by age 49, your body has lost 15% of its natural collagen storage, and it will continue to lose more without your attention...So listen up ladies!

Understand Your Beauty Biology

We’re big believers in the 80/20 rule when it comes to your skin’s aging process. While we’re all genetically disposed to certain skin and aging issues, 80% of your skin’s appearance is dependent on external factors. Day to day lifestyle choices determine how efficiently your personal biology replenishes collagen and elastin production

Collagen's Bestie...Meet your Match Maker.  

COLLAGEN AND ADRENALINE: Is your Adrenal Health causing wrinkles? Vitamin C is crucial to the production of adrenaline. It's why after pumping so much adrenaline during stressful times or an enthralling kiss from your lover-boy, you'll have drained much of your vitamin C reserves. 

Vitamin C is also key to the production of collagen, the glue-like protein that makes up 30% of your body's protein. Wrinkles are just one indication of the lack of sufficient vitamin C, which tends to deplete over time as stress, toxins, and pumping adrenaline sucks up your reserves.

The Benefits of Collagen and Vitamin C Together...It's Critical, Darling.

The bioavailability of Ester-C indicates it's the #1 form needed over any other vitamin C. It’s metabolites help improve its absorption and instant tissue uptake so it can go to work.

When an Orange Isn't Enough.
Studies show that by directly applying vitamin C topically to the skin, you will benefit 20x’s more than orally ingesting through supplementation alone (but still critical).  

Why You should LOVE Vitamin C Ester...Proof!


Your GO TO RITUAL for deep-cell revival and that
healthy glow to your inner-happiness.  
We know it’s in you!


#1 Adjust Your Cleanser

As the weather warms up, you might need a Gentle Cleanser to cleanse away dirt and makeup without drying out your skin. You’ll also get a youth-renewing burst from the Vitamin C, Ester, and Chamomile. For cooler weather, or if you struggle with dry skin year-round, our Cleansing Milk with skin nutrients gently removes impurities from your skin with aloe, seaweed, and shea butter.

#2 Exfoliate Me Mildly - Deep Cell Renewal with Sea Pearl

As dead, dry skin cells grow lethargic and build up, your face texture and luminosity tends to go dull.  Gently exfoliating a few times a week is critical for removing the dead cells so you can put your “best face forward” with a refreshed and bright outlook.

Exotic and one of a kind - Evoq’s luxurious sea pearls are a cell regenerative, and nourishing. Embedded with deep sea algae minerals and marine Vitamin A precursors. Beware! Synthetic “A” is damaging to the skin while Vitamin C-esters (highest grade and efficient lipid base vitamin c) to brighten and soothe your dryness and promote cell renewal. 

Discover FRESH sea-rich minerals and a de-pigmenting renewal with Exfoliant Sea Pearl Cleanser so your tailored boosters and nourishing moisturizers can be more efficient!

#3 Treat and Replenish

The sun, wind and environmental toxins can all strip your face of its natural oils, which leaves your skin vulnerable and chasing free radicals . The right kind of oils replenish the top layers of aging skin to help it retain moisture and protect. Depending on the molecular weight - face oils go enter the dermal layers to deliver nutrients and help maintain a dewy and healthy epidermal barrier. 

Cold Pressed POWER of 10 
The organic and cold-pressed complex of red raspberry, cranberry, chia, prickly pear, black cumin, and passionfruit seed oil in our Youth-Renewal Serum provide instant free-radical relief and much-needed moisture and barrier replenishment in even the harshest conditions we come in contact with every day. The herbaceous and earthly aromatics are addictive (so we hear)!

#4 Moisturize with Vitamin C Esters

Along with replenishing oils, using a moisturizer rich in minerals and nutrients will help instantly rehydrate dry and dull skin to restore radiance. The Omega 7 Fatty Acids in our Oxygen Cream will help reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation your skin may be prone to. Also, the forces of nature sequence of liquid oxygen, botanical stem cells and marine algae actives, instantly metabolize, detox and drive the rich-living nutrients deep into the cellular layers where true anti-aging occurs.

#5 Stay Protected against the #1 Aging Catalyst.  

Year-round sun damage is the leading cause of the symptoms of early skin aging, damage, and skin cancer. In fact, UV exposure accounts for 90% of these symptoms. Repeated damage causes persistent inflammation, and damage from the sun typically doesn’t show up until years later, when the damage is already done.

Prep, prime and even out your skin tone while you protect with our Vitamin D enhanced and Organic Facial UV Sunscreen Primer.  

#6 Detox with Tea

Evoq’s detoxifying tea is great for cleaning out some of the environmental toxins our bodies take in. Try our Metabolize + Slimming Remedy Tea for a decadent and healthy way to hydrate. Having radiant skin shouldn’t be a goal, it should be your reality. 

Follow these essential tips and applications and you’ll be seeing results in no time.