High Vibe Health & Beauty Relaunch is LIVE

Hey Love! 
Did you know that women spend over $300K in their lifetime on beauty products?
Yet, only 3% of women “feel beautiful.”
Connecting the dots, something is OBVIOUSLY not right here.
ENTER: EVOQ “High-Vibrational” Beauty 2.0 for the WHOLE WOMAN.
After 2 years of rebranding, revising, and rebirthing EVOQ BEAUTY - it's HERE!


A High Vibe  Mission

My mission behind Evoq (evoke and AWAKEN) is to come alongside women and empow-HER to cultivate a deeper relationship with all aspects of 4-D (Brain, Beauty, Body, Bioenergetic)  as a journey of self discovery -allowing her to unleash the inner-outer vibrant energy through personal beauty and mindfulness rituals. 


EVOQ gives you a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL approach that COMBINES THE POWER and SYNERGY of your  brain, body and bioenergy to help you build AUTHENTIC, INSIDE-OUT BEAUTY USING CLEAN and ORGANIC PRODUCTS WITH easy habits that liberate you to live in your truth - every day of your life.


Unlike conventional skin products that contain 80% water, Evoq Beauty works synergistically with the body, not against it by supporting the skin and hairs cellular function and delivering exceptional clinically proven performance.

The foundational truth that the body is self healing and regenerative - given the right environment.

The Sea and Stars and Everything In-between ...3 BILLION YEARS AGO.

The first living cells that energized our most outer “cosmos” were from a single cell - blue algae. The sea is where life on our planet began. In fact, seawater is similar to human cell liquid - containing all the essential minerals and trace elements needed for optimal self-rejuvenating skin health.

I resorted to deliver an opportunity to Unlock the power of deep sea along with potent landlocked ingredient actives to support the foundation at the root level that bring harmony and influence to your individual DNA.

Drops of Evoq skin care contains life-force origins of Pure ingredients offering powerful re-hydration and re-mineralization, provides skin with all of the essential immune-building block benefits of trace elements, peptides, enzymes, vitamins and proteins

High Vibe Skin Care Deep Dive

We know from physics that life is comprised of magnetically charged particles of energy, known as atoms, that literally vibrate in constant motion.

We can experience this vibration through our senses as sound (when we literally hear the vibration), color, light or smell.

Every living thing is comprised of atoms that vibrate at a different frequency. The organs in our body have a healthy frequency at which they vibrate. These frequencies help create the blueprint of the body, guiding stem cells to renew (every 90 days) and develop into different organs.

There is also extensive research on the ability of quantum elements like magnetic fields, light, and sound waves to affect the body, right down to the DNA.

The new and revolutionary approach in health care is founded on the idea of assessing the state of the Human Body-Field, focusing on why someone is struggling with their energy levels or overall health, rather than diagnosing people based on symptoms.

The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, if only it has the energy and information to do so and it is moving that energy correctly.

Is this woo woo - or does this really work?
Do you remember being in college or having colleagues that work together had a sync on your monthly cycles over time?

We see this in nature as crickets that chirp coherently or fireflies that flash in unison. The same is true in how our mind, body and the aging process can flow in sync - or out of sync. It's all about coherence.

Your High Vibe Beauty Blueprint:

The principle of resonance and it is a foundation to how energy medicine works.

My Story is Your Story  -It’s the SUM OF US

I believe in the power of  truth seekers who value making informed choices by being pro-active versus re-active, because it is the true path to taking back control and being the boss of our health, beauty and quality of life. We talk about putting strategy back into our lives that serve us to be better,  to feel inspired and connected to something greater.

So welcome to a community of truth-seekers creating a new conversation and  -  new paradigms- a NEW way of beauty.