Cosmetic Issues That May Hide Deeper Concerns

While fixing cosmetic concerns with appearance may be important for some people, it’s easy to brush these concerns off as somewhat shallow. And on the other hand, while it’s important to not go overboard with cosmetic changes, you should be aware of different cosmetic defects that can do more than render your appearance less than perfect. Some cosmetic problems can cause major health side effects if not taken care of properly. 

Skin Change

While your skin changing is something that occurs relatively frequently, you must pay attention to overly extreme changes. For example, while it may be normal for your skin to develop into a darker or more tan color during the summer months when you are outside, pay attention to any new bumps or moles that start to develop.

It’s especially important to try and have moles removed quickly because they can become cancerous, causing you significant problems down the road.

Crooked Teeth

While it may be easy to overlook crooked teeth as a simple cosmetic concern, crooked teeth can do more than make your smile less than straight. Crooked teeth can have an impact on your quality of life.

Crooked teeth can sometimes result in speech problems; other times, eating with crooked teeth for years can lead to uneven teeth wear and decay which can result in early tooth loss. Consult with a dentist to figure out which teeth need to be straightened or altered for your health to prevent pain and problems in the future.

Hair Loss

While hair loss can be relatively common during stressful periods of life or as you age, it’s important to recognize when it isn’t healthy and when it may be indicating that something is wrong. If for example, you start to lose your hair in large chunks out of the blue when you previously had never struggled with hair loss, consider seeing a doctor to see if you might have a thyroid disorder like Hashimoto disease.

Thyroid disorders, and more specifically Hashimoto, can cause you to have memory loss, can result in pain, and may require more intensive medication and treatments if left untreated for too long.

Fixing cosmetic problems with your appearance may not be your number one priority but neglecting some of these cosmetic issues could result in serious health issues. Try to meet with a doctor or relevant specialist to gauge when a cosmetic concern is also a health concern. Do your best to be aware of your body and its changes so you can resolve issues quickly.

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