Root Revival / System


Root Revival 3-Part System

Advanced + Preventative Thinning Hair Wellness


Prevent and protect BEFORE hair thinning starts …. women’s everyday solutions  for thicker, fuller and more voluminous hair.


Awaken the scalp with our clinically proven 3-step regimen fortified with proprietary cellular regenerators and VivaBond youth-renewal complex.  The most advanced natural, safe - longer term, chemical and drug free answer for fine, thinning, and everyday healthy hair.  

Evoq’s 3 easy steps Cleanse, Nourish and Treat - work together to address women’s unique biological needs.  Hair follicles often become inflamed and harmed by stress, hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue, pregnancy, birth control pills, and other medications. Hair colors and hair products loaded with aggressive chemicals and heat styling also create damages.


Use Root Revival’s 3-step regimen on a daily basis to maintain, strengthen, and stimulate visibly more lustrous hair naturally without any side effects.


Step 1

Root Revival Wash - Cleanse


This sulfate free, anti-oxidant rich Wash cleanses hair with anti-inflammatory and deep-root energizing properties to leave your hair and scalp revitalised and refreshed. Daily use allows the lengthening of the growth phase of hair and it helps to suppress the effects of DHT (inhibits growth and kills follicle).  Rejuv as you treat with organic aromatics of Peppermint, spearmint, and lavender -a perfect ritual for preventative care.


Step 2

Root Revival Rinse - Nourish


The lipid and protein rich Rinse delivers intensive nourishment to hair shaft and scalp without impeding the function of the subsequent Activator treatment.  It instantly strengthens all three layers of the hair structure to thicken and reduce breakage.  Hair is imparted with beautiful and healthy volume and bounce.


Step 3

Root Revival Activator - Treat


The Root Activator is the key component to awakening your healthy hair and scalp regimen. It contains bio-active regenerative nutrients and vital detoxifying agents for DHT removal. This drug and chemical free formulation is designed to pro-actively bring back the youthful appearance of everyday full, thick and voluminous hair.  


Picture Perfect PROOF:  Studies show 85% of subjects showed positive results in less than 3 months with 9% of more hair and 17% less hair loss. These results are proven more effective than hair-transplant and almost 2x’s more effective to commonly used drug-based products.