Why You Should Be Drinking More Water Every Day

You’ve most likely heard before that you need to be drinking more water every day. But why do you actually need to, and what are the payoffs if you do gulp down so many glasses? Here are three big reminders for why it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Keep Your Organs Functioning Well

Since the majority of your body is composed of water, it stands to reason that staying hydrated will help to ensure optimal organ function. Even mild dehydration, according to the National Kidney Foundation, over time may contribute to permanent kidney damage. Water will help your body remove toxins, aid in digestion, and also help act as a lubricated cushion for your spinal cord and other joints. Water can also help your heart. Since your blood is 95% water, dehydration can cause blood volume to decrease, making your heart work harder. And don’t forget that dry eyes, mouth, and nosebleeds may all be results of not getting enough to drink.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

You may not often think of it, but your skin is actually the body’s largest organ! And like your other organs, your skin needs water to stay healthy. Since your skin is external, it’s easy to tell whether or not it’s getting the water it needs. If you are noticing dry patches, cracks, or lots of itching skin, dehydration may be the culprit. Blake Charles Salon points out that moisturizing your skin regularly helps keep it from itching and cracking. Lotions and balms can seal in moisture, helping you retain the water you drink.

Keep Your Energy Levels Up

Not drinking enough water can be a sneaky energy-drainer. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, fatigue is one of the most common signs of dehydration. Many people associate feeling sluggish with not getting enough sleep, but increasing your daily fluid intake is often just as effective in helping you feel more awake. Add hydrating solutions with electrolytes in them and you’ll also avoid muscle cramps and brain fog as well!

So how much water is enough water? There are numerous factors involved, and ultimately it will depend on you as an individual. To get a more accurate picture, consider consulting your physician or an online health coach. Both can be valuable sources of information for how you can stay hydrated, fit, and healthy.

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