Want voluminous, bouncy locks?

Hair contains melanin, lipids, and proteins. As we age, the body’s production of these things slows which leads to changes in your hair. With less melanin, lipids, and protein, hair that was once thick in your youth is now thin and fine. Additionally, nearly everyone experiences some hair loss and slowed hair growth as they age.


While some shampoos and conditioners strip the hair, I’ve built this formula to build and plump the intracellular structure of the hair fiber. Extracts and algaes, including Kaolin Clay, detoxify the scalp while giving your locks volume and bounce that would make even Farrah Fawcett jealous.


Our sulfate-free products mean less foam, but clean isn’t compromised, and it is safer for the environment and gentler on your skin and hair. Essential proteins and scalp-nutrient minerals actively slow signs of hair loss and promote overall hair wellness.

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