A pro-hair growth hair spray with protection? Check yes!

A master of many, made just for you - the master of many. Why not reduce oxidative color damage with a-natural synergistic blend of natural UV filters to protect against external aggressors while locking in color. 

Hair photoaging causes a number of physical and chemical changes within the hair fibers. Your hair pigment does offer some protection, but as it takes the brunt force of the sun, it ends up bleached or dull. The effects of UV rays and photoaging show themselves as weak, brittle, stiff, and dry hair that doesn’t maintain moisture well. 

Of course, you could wear a hat every day to protect your hair, but the world deserves to see your beautiful locks. I formulated the 3-in-1 control hairspray to allow you to flaunt your style while still being protected from sun damage. By including active ingredients like vitamin C, Resveratrol, and proteins, your hair gets UV protection while still looking fierce.

Sticky free, weightless, aromatically soft, pleasant and multi-tasking.  One piece that is very important to me is clients that have sensitivities and scent aversions.  This hairspray is naturally scented with lavender, and is so light, you can easily comb out after a day’s wear, to build back up on day two.  The more you add light, medium or strong, builds as you spray - leaving a much more pleasant experience, and healthier hair in the long run.

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